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Our Story

Founded in 2004, US Business Services is a full service advisory company that focuses on Strategy, Business Development, Strategic Partnering and Mergers & Acquisitions in the K-20 Education Market. We have worked with State Departments of Education, Ministries of Education, Education Service Centers, School Districts and Schools to learn about their issues, listen to their needs, and prescribe the right solutions.

We are hands on, we don’t just teach or preach Business Development and Strategic Partnering. We live and breathe it for you. We find the opportunities and strategic partners for you and we work with all parties to draft and finalize win/win agreements. We have over 30 years of experience as hands on company operators in the K-20 education industry. Please read our case studies, or schedule a call to find out more about how we can help you achieve and exceed your goals.


The Founder


Rob Fiance

Robert Fiance is an entrepreneur, community leader, advisor, coach, and mentor in the K-20 education industry. He has been a Company Founder and C Level Executive for his own companies and has a been a hired executive in multiple education companies. He is a hands-on operator who loves matchmaking and strategic partnering between public and private organizations. During the past 30 years Mr. Fiance has developed and implemented proven strategies to help accelerate growth for his own businesses to grow and exit.

  • MBA – UCLA
  • B.A. – Business Economics, UC Santa Barbara
  • CEPA – Certified Exit Planning Advisor
  • CMAA – Certified Mergers & Acquisition Advisor

Rob has also been a Mentor for various young entrepreneur startup and early stage companies. He has been a featured Speaker and Panel Member at Ednet, EIA, SIIA, National Association of Exceptional Black Children, NABSE, Intel Elements, and Kairos Society.

Rob lives outside of Los Angeles with his wife and three kids. He enjoys sports, music, and travel and is a Founder of the Conejo Valley Lacrosse League, Southern California Lacrosse Association, former Commissioner of Westlake Baseball Association, and continues to Mentor and Coach young athletes at the high school level.

We develop the strategies and find the partners for you.

Our Services



Most companies develop Strategic and Business Plans that take a tremendous amount time to create and then are never utilized again. US Business Services has created the Strategic Opportunity Map Process Roadmap to combine both Strategic and Business Planning into one easy to use Plan that maximizes your Return on Investment.


Business Development & Strategic Partnering

We are experts in Business Development and Strategic Partnering. We accelerate solutions and growth outcomes for all parties. We have successfully implemented great solutions and hundreds of millions of dollars of projects where we have found the best partners for public schools with great public to private partners. We look, listen, and learn about the challenges and issues, and then find the best fit partners. We manage it all for the partners from planning, to contract, to project management through implementation. We don’t just teach or preach it, we can do it all for you or handle some of the parts as part of your team. It all starts with your needs.

More Services

Project Management & Due Diligence

We are experts in managing large and small complex project with simplified planning and communication tools. We have participated in over $1 Billion in transactions from both inside the companies that we have acquired and sold and been advisors to. We lead the due diligence efforts in the majority of these transactions.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Most companies want to merge with other companies, exit, or find the growth capital to accelerate their business. The majority are not ready to do so and are unsuccessful. We implement a plan to help you get your business to sell for maximum value.

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Case Studies

We have helped our own organizations and other organizations achieve millions of dollars of new revenue growth.

The Need:

Master's Degree programs for full time working school teachers, need presented by Teacher Associations for their membership.

The Solution:

Found the right Universities to partner with a fast-moving innovative Professional Development and Service Company to develop and offer an online, minimal face to face program. We worked with the multiple institutions through accreditation, program development, marketing and recruiting. The solution has provided well north of $200 million of new revenue for the Universities and the company who was acquired.

The Need:

Statewide Student Information, Formative Assessment, and Professional Development Management Solutions.

The Solution:

Looked, listened and learned through multiple State DOE and School District meetings. Found the right company to provide the original Client Server solution for student information and then developed the next generation web version. Customized the companies Formative Assessment and Professional Development Management Systems to meet the need. The systems continue to be in place at the DOE and for all School Districts for over 15 years.

The Need:

Ministry of Education needed an Education Data and Content Management System.

The Solution:

Found the right platform company, a strong local partner, and a number of content companies to provide a seamless end to end solution for teachers. The MOE listened to and met the needs of the teachers. Better lesson planning for teachers, substantial results and revenue for all of the partners.

The Need:

A Brazilian Company needs a mentor/advisor and Venture Funding.

The Solution:

Mentored the CEO, was asked to be on the Board, and eventually decided to become an investor. Helped raise $5M BR needed to grow the company.

The Need:

Educational Nonprofit Organization needing Sponsor Partners who meet their mission.

The Solution:

Found right partner/sponsors who are in sync with the Organization mission. Their events are now funded by true strategic sponsors. Association members have companies who will develop solutions to meet their needs, and companies meet potential future strategic partners.